Letter for EPP President Daul regarding Turkey and Slovenian People’s Party’s propositions for stabilisation of Europe

Ljubljana, 24 March 2017 – President of the Slovenian People’s Party Marko Zidanšek, MSc, wrote to president of the European People’s Party Joseph Daul today, proposing a more adamant EU response to Erdogan’s threats against Europeans, and ISIS terrorist attacks. Zidanšek proposed that EU sanctions Turkey with a trade embargo, and emphasised the EU must have zero tolerance against human rights violations. He appealed to the EPP leadership to enable him to present propositions of the Slovenian People’s Party for stabilisation of the situation in Europe at the EPP Congress in Malta next week.

The letter of SLS president Marko Zidanšek to EPP President Joseph Daul:



Mr Joseph Daul

President of the European People’s Party

Ljubljana, 24 March 2017


Dear Mr Daul,

There are new worrying reports of threats by Erdogan’s regime against Europeans. Erdogan’s recent statement that Europeans will not be able to safely walk around anywhere in the world, if European Union does not change its stance toward Tukey, is nothing less than a public call for terrorist actions. As result, European cities are under attack, London being the most recent target. We should not deceive ourselves, and think that the “modern Sultan’s” messages are not specifically targeting Islamic extremists, which have been able to infiltrate the heart of Europe under the guise of the migrant crisis. They crossed Slovenia on their way. Erdogan’s statements are a war cry that is calling for chaos in the previously idyllic and peaceful Europe.

So far, everything is pointing to the fact our calls for an adamant common EU security policy that would protect its member states, and people, were justified. We have been trying to bring attention to this matter, alone, for too long. We are a pro-European people’s party, and we still are trying to warn that there are serious issues, which threaten our European way of life, and values. We believe that in order to ensure people’s safety, our values, and the democracy in EU countries, EU must vigilantly and vigorously oppose Erdogan’s threats, and ISIS terrorist attacks.

European Union must maintain a zero-tolerance level against violation of human rights, not only on paper, but in practice, therefore it must not allow for a President of any state to directly threaten people, and instigate terrorism, spread hate, and remain unpunished. There are economic levers at EU’s disposal, and EU should use them to send a clear message to Turkey, to stop this worrying and perilous trend. A possible form of sanctions is an embargo on trade with Turkey, just as the one EU enforced against Russia.

We expect a more decisive politics of the EPP and EU, one that is going to consider the future welfare of Europeans, and bring member states closer together with common security measures. We consider three necessary security measures to be a common Security and Intelligence Service, common defence, and common police force on the outside borders of the EU. We appeal to the EPP to demonstrate its inner democracy in this time of the most difficult challenges, and enable us to present our propositions for stabilisation of the situation in Europe to the delegates, general public, and the entire EU at next week’s EPP Congress in Malta.

Yours sincerely,


Marko Zidanšek, MSc

President of the Slovenian People’s Party


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