SLS opposes the exclusion of Fidesz party from the EPP

The Slovenian People’s Party does not agree with the call by the 13 EPP members calling on the President of the European People’s Party, Donald Tusk, to exclude Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party Fidesz, due to its emergency measures taken during the pandemic.

The SLS is the oldest political party in Slovenia with a history of almost 130 years, and as such, we highly respect democratic standards in society. However, we oppose persistent attempts that the indispensable decomposition of the former totalitarian communist regimes’ foundations is condemned as undemocratic a priori.

The SLS is also vigilant when activities that approach the border of acceptable occur in individual cases, and we support close monitoring of developments in all European countries and political parties. The fact is, however, that the activities of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban in effectively stopping illegal migration were also severely attacked, although later most of those activities were considered to be the only ones that worked. Also, in the case of the coronavirus pandemic, we do not yet know all the possible extreme dimensions. Therefore, more than for the bearers of decisive pandemic measures, controls and possible sanctions are needed for those who wish to impede decisive pandemic measures in various ways.

Objavljeno: 03.04.2020