About SLS

The preamble to the Slovenian People’s Party states that SLS is a party of Slovenian people and therefore covenanted with Slovenian constitutionality and statehood. Since SLS was the first democratic political party established in Slovenia after World War II, it has the longest history among all Slovenian political parties. Our party is the legal successor of the historical SLS. It is a member of the European People’s Party (EPP).

SLS believes in people. We believe in people’s freedom, that can only be limited by other people’s equal freedom. We believe in justice, solidarity and tolerance. We are certain that every person wants to be involved in decisions about one’s relationships and the environment one lives in, and that is why we give the people the power to decide. We are a party of people who strive toward public and national interest. We strive toward cooperation among different social and interest groups as well as generational groups to build a better Slovenia, and that is why we leave no one behind. We are a party that helps the voice of every individual to be heard, even those furthest away from the centres of decision-making.