Who we are and what we stand for

We are a people’s party

Slovenian People’s Party (SLS) is the political party with the longest history among all political parties in Slovenia and the legal successor of the historical SLS. It is the first democratic political party established in Slovenia after World War II, and a proud member of the political family of the European People’s Party. Among the three Slovenian members of EPP, Slovenian People’s Party was the first to become one.

Slovenian People’s Party is a party of and for all Slovenian citizens. Today it is one of the biggest Slovenian parties with 16.000 members. Slovenian People’s Party represents modern conservatism that bases its actions on traditions and stability of social order.

We are a party of the people. We strive for the fulfilment of public and national interest. We are a party aware of our responsibility toward Slovenian farmers and Slovenian countryside as well as Slovenian workers. As a member of the EPP, one of the things that we appreciate most is our contribution to prosperity and peace in Europe, and our synchronous acting with our sister parties from other EU member countries. Although there are three political parties with similar values in Slovenia, Slovenian People’s Party is unique among them for its longest steadfast EU orientated program.


Union dvorana

Union Hall, Ljubljana, 12 May 1988. The first established democratic political party in Slovenia after WWII, Slovenian Farmers’ Association.

We are a party of tradition tracing our roots

Slovenian People’s Party is conservative. Our activities are based on values of European culture. We respect the tradition and experience of our predecessor – historical Slovenian People’s Party and incorporate them in our work. To us, Christian values, family, land and language mean tradition. It is on this bedrock that we seek modern solutions for the future of Slovenia and Slovenianness.

We are the bearers of Slovenian democracy and statehood

Historical Slovenian People’s Party promoted democracy and unification of all Slovenians under one political entity. Our predecessors, Slovenian Farmers’ Association, founded on 12 May 1988 as the first democratic political party in Slovenia after WWII, and Slovenian Christian Democrats, founded on 10 March 1989, were key actors during Slovenia’s process of democratisation and independence.

From Slovenian Farmers’ Association and Slovenian Christian Democrats to Slovenian People’s Party – a short history

Twenty-five years ago, a big change occurred in Yugoslavian political life in a time when there was still no place for democracy. The day the first Slovenian democratic party, Slovenian Farmers’ Association, was established in the Republic of Slovenia was the day Slovenians started our path toward an independent state in which we live today and when the political picture of Europe started to change.

Slovenian Farmers’ Association was established on 12 May 1988. It was first renamed on 1 February 1990 to Slovenian Farmers’ Association – People’s Party and again on 27 June 1992 to Slovenian People’s Party.

The Party of Slovenian Christian Democrats was established on 10 March 1989 under the name Slovenian Christian Social Movement and renamed on 2 November 1989 into Slovenian Christian Democrats.

On 17 May 1992 historical Slovenian People’s Party and Slovenian Christian Democrats merged. With this first merge Slovenian Christian Democrats became the legal and political successor of the historical Slovenian People’s Party.

Slovenian Farmers’ Association and Slovenian Christian Democrats had their roots in the basic values of the historic Slovenian People’s Party and acted as the continuation of its political activities based on Christian ethics and the moral and ethical values of the Slovenian nation, intertwined with the heritage of European civilisation.

  slika_protesti 21 03 1994_SLS govornik_brošura

Protests on 21 March 1994, Slovenian People’s Party’s spokesman on the stage 

As part of DEMOS coalition, both parties won the highest number of votes in the first democratic elections in Slovenia in 1990. They have substantially contributed to the democratisation of Slovenia and to the establishment of the independent Republic of Slovenia.

Slovenian People’s Party and Slovenian Christian Democrats merged at the Congress in Ljubljana on 15 April 2000. The newly formed party was named “SLS+SKD Slovenska ljudska stranka”. On 31 January 2002 at a Congress in Murska Sobota, the decision was made to rename the party to Slovenian People’s Party.

Geopolitical and historical context of Slovenia

Due to Slovenia’s geopolitical position, our country is unique from several aspects. It lies in Central Europe, uniting the four major European geographic units: the Alps, the Pannonian plain, the Dinaric Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Several climatic zones combine here, each with its own characteristics: alpine mountain climate in the north, the continental Pannonian in the east and the Mediterranean in the west of the country. Almost all main traffic connections from across Europe lead to Slovenia. Migrations of different European and non-European nations took place in our territory, leading to wars and strong cultural, as well as economic influences from Europe.

We are a party of eco-social market economy

Slovenian People’s Party stands for market economy, with respect for private property and each individual’s initiative. The basis of our work is the idea of eco-social market economy, which should be based on freedom and private property as well as personal economic initiative. We support market economy that protects and preserves our living environment. We take care of the nature around us and respect all living beings.

Slovenian People’s Party believes in freedom, justice, solidarity and tolerance for all people. We believe that every person wants to take part in decision-making about the environment in which one lives. We’re the party of Slovenian people and as such we strive for the public and national interest and listen to the voice of each individual, even those further away from the centres of decision-making. We are the party of people who love their country and do everything for their country’s good. Together we can achieve a better tomorrow.

Slovenian People’s Party has the longest democratic history and is in its juridical status the only people’s party in Slovenia. As a member of the EPP we will work toward an even more active role inside the EPP and a stronger political influence.